Lloyd, Deska, Hugenberg, McConnell, Humphrey, & Kunstman (2018) created the Miami University Deception Detection Database (MU3D) for research purposes. The MU3D is a free resource containing 320 videos of Black and White targets, female and male, telling truths and lies. Eighty (20 Black female, 20 Black male, 20 White female, and 20 White male) targets were recorded speaking honestly and dishonestly about their social relationships. Each target generated four different videos (i.e., positive truth, negative truth, positive lie, negative lie), yielding 320 videos fully crossing target race, target gender, statement valence, and statement veracity. This database is accompanied by an excel codebook which includes data pertinent to the videos and targets included in the database.

Miami University Deception Detection Database

Database citation:

Lloyd, E. P., Deska, J. C., Hugenberg, K., McConnell, A. R., Humphrey, B., & Kunstman, J. W. (2018). Miami University deception detection database. Behavior Research Methods,



Denver Pain Authenticity Stimulus Set

Lloyd, Summers, Gunderson, Weesner, ten Brinke, Hugenberg, & McConnell (in prep) created the Pain Authenticity Stimulus Set (PASS) for research purposes. The PASS is a free resource containing  videos of Black and White targets, female and male, exhibiting both real and fake pain expressions. Participants' facial expressions were recorded first as they faked their pain expression prior to pain exposure, second as they experienced pressure on their fifth metacarpal with a pressure algometer (real pain), and third as they faked their pain expression after experiencing pain. Thus, each target generated three different videos (i.e., fake pain 1; real pain; fake pain 2).

In progress. Check back for updates!

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Revisiting Perceiver and Target Gender Effects in Deception Detection


E. Paige Lloyd, Kevin Summers, Kurt Hugenberg, Allen R. McConnell

Black and White Lies: Race Based Biases in Deception Judgments


E. Paige Lloyd, Kurt Hugenberg, Allen R. McConnell, Jonathon W. Kuntsman, Jason C. Deska

Good Cop, Bad Cop: Participant Race Moderates Mental Representations of Police


E. Paige Lloyd, Mattea Sim, Evans Smalley, Michael Jason Bernstein, Kurt Hugenberg