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Project - Racial Disparities in Physical & Mental Health Study

In collaboration with IRISE, the Fox Lab & post-doctoral fellow Allison Bair

This collaboration examines racial inequity in high-risk psychiatric care recommendations, as there is accumulating evidence that quantity, quality, and receipt of psychological care as an intervention to suicide is less accessible to Black Americans relative to white Americans.  

The project addresses this issue by assessing provider biases in risk assessment and psychiatric treatment recommendations for Black relative to White hypothetical patients. By experimentally testing the role of racial biases in suicide risk assessment and intervention as well as by examining the underlying mechanisms of such biases, the work hopes to introduce new perspectives and possible solutions to mental health disparities.



Research Director of Equity Labs

Dr. Lloyd serves as a research director for the Equity Labs diversity and inclusion initiative. This project puts equity into practice by providing immersive educational experiences that help participants to imagine and experience new possibilities, free from the constraints of bias and inequity.

All activities are backed by research and empirically-supported interventions. With help from a design team made up of nine faculty members from across DU’s campus, this collaboration seeks to bridge interpersonal divisions in hopes of creating a more just future.